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Introducing Linkspector

Posted on:September 20, 2023 at 02:32 AM

Meet Linkspector, the ultimate link checker designed to make your content error-free from incorrect links and make your users happy.


What is Linkspector?

Linkspector is a CLI app that checks for dead hyperlinks in files. It supports multiple markup languages such as Markdown, AsciiDoc (limited - hyperlinks only), and ReStructured Text (coming soon). With Linkspector, you can quickly check all hyperlinks in your files, ensuring that they are not broken and that your readers can access all the relevant content. The app allows you to quickly and easily identify broken links to fix them before publishing your content. Linkspector is a powerful tool for anyone who creates content using markup languages.

Why Linkspector?

Linkspector brings a host of benefits to your Markdown workflow:

Linkspector uses the power of Puppeteer to check links in Chrome’s headless mode. This advanced approach significantly reduces false positives, ensuring accurate results.

2. Addressing Limitations

Unlike some other tools, Linkspector is built to address the shortcomings of existing link checkers. It is developed based on user feedback and adds many user-requested features.

3. Streamlined Collaboration

All the code needed to run Linkspector is in a single repository, making it easier for the community to collaborate, contribute, and improve the tool.

4. Focused on CI/CD use

Linkspector is purposefully tailored to run into your CI/CD pipelines, ensuring link checking is integral to your development workflow.

How to Get Started

Ready to give Linkspector a try? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Installation: Install using your package manager:

    $ pnpm i @umbrelladocs/linkspector
  2. Configuration: In your project directory, customize Linkspector by creating a configuration file. You can specify the files and directories to check, exclude specific files and directories, define base URLs, and more. For more details, see Configuration.

      - .
    useGitIgnore: true
  3. Run Linkspector: Run Linkspector with your chosen configuration to check links in your Markdown files.

    $ linkspector check


    $ linkspector check --config <custom_config_file>

Contribute to Linkspector

Linkspector is an open-source project driven by community collaboration. By trying it out and contributing, you become a valuable part of this effort to create a top-notch Markdown link-checking tool. Don’t let broken links spoil your content or codebase. Give Linkspector a spin, and let’s work together to make it even more amazing! Here’s how you can contribute to make Linkspector even better: